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Mazumuro 11 months ago
When Harry Truman left the White House in Jan 1953, he and Bess went back to Independence MO via train. He only had his Army pension [Colonel in the Army Reserve for income. There was no full pension for his 10 years in the US Senate, nor any Presidential pension. Eisenhower advocated for Congress to pass a resolution establishing a pension for former Presidents. Ol Harry did not take up any of the many offers he received to become a spokesman for some product or other. He wrote his Memoirs, but I don't think he made too much from them. Times have changed.
Akinoll 1 year ago
talk about bold
Vogore 11 months ago
She eventually found those tennis rackets. Porno with a legitimate plot for once.
JoJonos 1 year ago
Damn Lilmoma u have some skills! Your videos are very entertaining
Mezil 1 year ago
You attempted!

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